If Music Be the Food of Love, you must have the best for your wedding day!

Congratulations, you’re getting married… that is the wonderful part. There is a lot of planning to do before the big day. That’s the not-so-great part, as it can get stressful and overwhelming. There will be a lot of things you need to choose, food, flowers, colours, dresses, suits, music etc. You will find you have so many choices yet so little time. This article will hopefully be your wedding band hire made simple, and give you all the key points you need to consider. 

Unlike other factors, wedding music entertainment (Bands, DJ’s, Musicians) is a “must have”, for the Special Day. But with all the choice which one is best? I don’t think you can beat live music, there is something about it that speaks to us, a rhyme and a beat comes alive, in the room and inside us. The next decision you need to make is what you want playing and when.  

You need music for your: 

  1. A) Ceremony
  2. B) Reception
  3. C) Your Wedding Ceremony

Live Musicians are favored for Wedding Ceremonies. They improve the ambiance and psychological setting. And being human, instead of recorded Music, they can respond quickly to changes in the environment. 

By way of instance, as Bridal Party members, enter and depart, a service area, Live Musicians can naturally change the music tempo (speed, texture, etc.), to keep in sync with changing walking steps, as older people have a tendency to walk slower, and young people – especially when anxious, walk faster. Seeing an accomplished Musician effortlessly carry out this job, is an art in itself.  

Moreover, if someone in your household has musical ability, by all means invite them to perform a tune, it will make a more memorable experience for you, them, along with your visitors. Bands have even collaborated with musicians in the family to surprise the happy couple with an unexpected performance.  

Wedding Cocktail Hours are often given the least idea regarding music preparation. Why? This time, just after the Wedding Ceremony, is generally allotted for Picture taking with the Wedding Photographer in another location. That’s fine for the Bridal Party, but do not forget about your visitors! Leave them with music and drinks – they’ll be happy.  

For those that attended the Wedding Ceremony, and people who did not, the common meeting ground, in anticipation of your return from Picture taking, is your Cocktail Hour region. It’s here that they will, attempt an hors d’ oeuvre, have a drink, and start to mingle.  

I may be somewhat biased, but there’s nothing more inviting, than soothing music as you enter a room, it generates a particular, welcoming, ambiance. It says to your guests, yes come on in, there’s a celebration occurring in here! 

Which sort of Cocktail Hour Music Entertainment should you pick for your guests? 

A Solo Musician or DJ are reasonable. 

I’ve attended great Cocktail Hours with Musicians, and Terrific Cocktail Hours with DJ’s. It’s again, very subjective, but some folks feel Musicians tend to add an extra dynamic to the room. 

A vital point to consider is that this is the “prep time” to your Reception. Until they’ve fulfilled their appetite for food, drink and speak, most guests aren’t likely to be in a partying mood initially. That is fine, because remember, you aren’t there!  

Your Wedding Reception 

The Bridal Party has completed picture taking, your guests have loosened up with a beverage or two, so allow the Reception begin! 

Though some DJ’s are excellent at getting parties really hopping, but bands have a tendency to be livelier. And let’s face it, nothing can beat Live Music. Bands can be quite expensive., but it’s definitely worth the price, for your own private gig! 

Along with being cheaper (typically about 20 -25% the purchase price of a Band), a few DJ’s also offer Karaoke Services, where guests can sing along with songs on stage. However, this might seem like a nightmare for some. Maybe leave it to the professionals who can sing.  

In short, while both Bands and DJ’s are terrific for Reception Music, if your budget is tight, DJ’s are far less expensive. By this stage, you have made almost all of the Music Entertainment choices for your Wedding. Your next step is real Entertainer choice Musicians, Bands, or DJ’s, there are many to select from.One of the highest recommended bands is Apollo Live, you can find Apollo Live Wedding Band Agency Homepage online.

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